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Nice Nails is a full-service boutique nail salon dedicated to personalising each appointment to suit individual clients. Located in Wilson, Western Australia, we specialise in Gel Polish, Acrylic Nails and SNS Nails, but offer a wide variety of nail salon service, including normal manicure and pedicure.

Normal Polish

Simple to put on, simple to take off. We use top quality nail polisher, but it will have the shortest lasting finish amongst all our services.

Gel Polish

Similar to regular nail polish, but its extra layers cured under a LED light add strength and durability to the nail.​

This combination of powder and glue creates a long-lasting bond on your nails. SNS nails work well for anyone who wants a long-lasting manicure that doesn’t involve gel.

Acrylic Nails

Extends you nail by applying tips plus a combination of polymer powder & monomer liquid. It allows shaping your nails to the length you wish, finishing with a nail polish of your choice.​

Couldn`t find what were you looking for or need something more personalised to suit your needs? Enquire now or hit the button below to see our other manicure and pedicure services available.


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